About Pirates Cove Music

Pirates Cove Music house concerts are hosted by Paul and Annie Uselton at their home in Granbury, TX. Our backyard has been a hangout for local pirates and privateers for many years. In 2012, we discovered Trop Rock music and have been hosting outdoor house concerts ever since.

We both retired in 2017, so we decided to pursue hosting with a passion. Because we know many Trop Rockers (and Rockettes), we built the Boat House stage and acquired the necessary sound equipment. We hope to enlarge the footprint of Trop Rock music in the North Central Texas area. We are southwest of the DFW metroplex, kinda in the country but still fairly civilized.

We have a beach in our backyard and our massive oaks provide shade even on the hottest days. We hope you will join us for a concert soon.

Paul & Annie


About House Concerts

Although the concept is not new to Texas, house concerts are more prevalent in Florida. It is a simple formula. Gather some friends together, everyone pitches in for the music and they bring what they personally need (drink, food, chair) for the party. Very similar to what used to be known as “pasture” parties, but a little more refined.

The hosts arrange for a musical entertainer to put on a show at an arranged date and time. Invited friends (and friends of friends) come to the show and contribute a set donation amount to pay for the musician. The hosts make no profit from the donation. Other donations for charitable causes may be asked as well or part of a raffle. The donation asked varies with the artist, but these are usually professional musicians and songwriters who are not local and are worth every penny. Many times, the hosts agree to pay a minimum to the artist if too few donations are received. If you accept a house concert invitation, it is important that you make every effort to attend. Some venues limit the number of attendees because of space or other restrictions.

Everyone brings a chair for themselves, their own beverages and a snack to share (not required). There is typically a lot of good food at these events. The hosts may also have additional food, snacks, and drinks available. The setting is very casual. Some are indoor and some outdoor and some even include a pool party or other activities and games. The musicians are very approachable and often tell the stories behind their songs. Some concerts are “listening” concerts, where the audience is expected to keep noise to a minimum and listen to the music. Some house concerts are part of a larger gathering and more of a party atmosphere. The host announces in advance the type of event and any specific instructions for attendees.

To attend one of our house concerts, RSVP on our Facebook page

  • Must be over 21 years of age to attend

  • Please do not bring pets

  • Bring your own beverages and chairs

  • Bring a snack to share (not required)

  • Donation of $20 per person goes directly to the musician(s)